Attractive reactions to attract the best travelers to visit Thailand
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Attractive reactions to attract the best travelers to visit Thailand

Here is a list of the best tourist attractions in Thailand 2021

1. Chiang Mai


A tourist attraction in Thailand this place is considered to be the northern capital of Thailand. Around the hills, it is a bustling city for tourists who want to discover green landscapes, hill tribes and outdoor adventures while enjoying the Chain Mai as a drunken blend of culture and nature. This large culturally important city has both historical and modern Thai architecture and traditions. There are more than 500 temple in Chiang Mai.The most famous of these is the Wat Frethat Doi Suthep Temple which is located just outside Chiang Mai on a hill overlooking the city. The Night Zoo is very attractive to both children and adults.

Tourist attractions in Thailand

Go to the highest point of Doi Ethanon in Thailand and there you will meet mountain tribes, several beautiful waterfalls and elephants in a sanctuary. You can also visit Doi Ethanon National Park. Here is located the highest mountain in Thailand and the huge waterfall May Ya. The nightlife here is less than in Bangkok but there are still many bars to enjoy and the night market is the best place to browse and buy the nightly Thai things. The best way to learn about the culture of a place is to enjoy the food. Undoubtedly, Chiang Mai is the best food destination in northern Thailand. It is one of the cheapest places to visit. For local food, visit the Sunday Walking Stay near Tha Pa Gate, the Saturday Night Walking Street on Wu Lai Lai Road, the Daily Warrior Market or the Night Bazaar on Chang Klan Road.

2. Bangkok

2. Bangkok

The Thai capital city, tall houses, beautiful palaces, Buddhist temples, glittering nightclubs, sprawling markets and streets lined with vendors selling souvenirs and mouth-watering food, Bangkok is the largest city in the country. Sometimes you can consider it as a concrete forest involved in noisy traffic and air pollution but you cannot ignore the natural beauty of the city where blue, green and flowering tropical plants can be seen.

Start your journey from the Grand Palace for a quick tour of the famous Wat Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha Temple). Then look for other Buddhist temples such as Wat Pho (re-synthesized Buddha Temple) Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) Wat Saket (Golden Mount Temple) and Wat Trimit (Golden Buddha Temple). For delicious local food, visit Yaowarat (Chinatown in Bangkok). If you want to take a break from the shaky city life visit Jim Thomson House, Lupine Park or enjoy a natural cruise ferry ride along the Chao Freya River. Khao Sun Road is famous for cheap shopping, dining and nightlife.You can also visit nearby floating markets like Amva and Damnwen Saduak.

3. Chiang Rai


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It is often tarnished by its more popular neighbor Chiang Mai but still, this northern city of Thailand serves as the main economic center of the Golden Triangle. Chiang Rai is often used as a tourist base for exploring the surrounding area. From here you can see the Golden Triangle, which borders Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. This place offers tourists the benefits of mountaineering and trekking. In the highlands you will meet local ethnic groups. Waterfalls and warm springs are natural features that you can enjoy in Chiang Mai.

Tourist attractions in Thailand

Enjoy the lush green vegetation and extended suspension bridge at the May Fah Luang Garden. One of the most unique temples in Thailand, the glorious White Temple Wat Rang Khun is located here. Find the largest statue of Guan Yin the Chinese goddess of mercy and walk through a collection of traditional themed Thai furnishings at the Forest Dam or Black House. During the day, tourists usually go out for day trips. The city is quiet during the day but at night when tourists turn on the neon light flash and the souvenir shops and restaurants are effective.

4. Ayuthaya

4. Ayuthaya

One of the oldest cities in Thailand, the UNESCO-listed Ayutthaya is a must for history lovers. Located in the valley of the Chao Phraya city was founded in 1350.It sits on an island surrounded by three rivers that join the Gulf of Siam. King Yu Thong (also known as Siam) of Ayutthaya Kingdom declared it as the capital. Ayutthaya once became one of the most impressive cities in the world with its three palaces, more than 400 temples and a population of about 100,000. After the Burmese invasion in 1767, the capital was transferred to Bangkok.

Old cities in Thailand

The ruins of this old city are now the main attraction for visitors. Other attractions here include the famous stone head, Wat Ratchubharan and Wat C Sampet enclosed in trees. You can visit old Dutch and Portuguese territories and floating markets to collect souvenirs.

5. Kanchanbari

5. Kanchanbari

Located in western Thailand along the Burmese border the place is well known for its access to natural parks and national parks and waterfalls.Kanchanbari is a combination of both natural and wartime attractions. The bridge over the Kwai River is a major tourist attraction in Thailand. It is related to the historic Historic Death Railway in Myanmar where thousands of Asian workers and POWs died during its construction under Japan during the WWII. There are several museums and wartime cemeteries. Outside of Kanchanbari there are several national parks including Erawan and Srinakarind which offer beautiful views of waterfalls and caves. It is home to the multi-level Irrawaddy Falls and Pre That Cave. If you prefer the less crowded remote waterfall, Huawei Khemin is being offered to you.

6. Sukhothai


Sukhothai one of the ancient capitals of Thailand, or the historic park, is one of the most beautiful world heritage sites in Thailand.

It includes an extensive collection of about 200 sets of remains.

Broken walls, two temples, a wide base of temples and palaces, large lakes, beautiful watts and statues, Buddhist paintings in all shapes and sizes, tall columns, and the remains of halls and other buildings. Thailand is a tourist attraction of Thailand. Learn about. The nearby C Stanchalai Park Historic Park could be another destination for you.

Pai was once a quiet and quiet village in northern Thailand but is now a busy city. It is located between Chiang Mai and May Hong Son. It is famous for its photogenic valleys and pristine environment and so it is very popular among tourists and backpackers who want to explore the region. Since Pai is located at the foot of the hill tourists get the opportunity to trek and see the hill tribes.Just outside the city, you’ll see elephant campuses, warm springs and great waterfalls. You can enjoy pie and white water adventures on the banks of the Pie River. Yet, the most unique thing about the pie is its canyon, the sharp opals of the orange stone spinning like a maze.

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7 Phuket


It is not only the largest island in Thailand, but also one of the major tourist attractions in Thailand. Phuket has many features that can attract tourists. Many go to the growing sands of Patong which is well known for its hedonistic nightlife and water sports but there are other beaches that are suitable for everyone. Enjoy a boat ride on the spectacular Freedom Beach, cool off at Karan Beach enjoy the view from Wooden Beach and much more. Protham Cape provides wonderful sunset vista. Phuket offers world-class shows, Maya Thai fights, global cuisine for food lovers and delights every kind of bar and club. You can try hiking, fishing, snorkeling and jet skiing here and visit the island’s most popular cultural sites Wat Chalong and Big Buddha. Go through the beautiful old building of Phuket Town. For extreme fun check out the Bani Telanka The Opside Down House and the Museum in Phuket Trike.
Krabi is one of the most popular provinces in Thailand. Here Ao Nang, also known as Farah Nang is the main tourist beach. Enjoy rock climbing on the Riley by boat or return to Hong Kong Island at Ko Poda Koh Koi (Chicken Island) Phi Phi Islands and Fang Nga Bay. Animal lovers can spend time volunteering at Lanta Animal Welfare for peace of mind.

10. Mae Hong Son

10. Mae Hong Son

A remote cascading mountain range in northern Thailand My Hong’s son shares a border with Myanmar. Its picturesque beauty with inaccessible mountains attracts tourists. The region is largely populated with Shan people. If you are good at driving a car or motorbike you can enjoy a great trip from Pi.Pie is the main tourist attraction of Thailand here for the people of nature and the life to come back. In the past it was a popular hippie hangout but in recent times people come here to see the Pie Canyon hot springs and waterfalls.Visit the area.

Koh Fa-Engan is widely known for its full moon party and hezonistic nightlife. Apart from these, Koh Fa-nagan is a dream of nature lovers. Had Rin is the best place for wild party and fun. If you walk away from the crowds and discover pristine beaches, beautiful waterfalls and lush greenery, you will find that this infamous party island has more to enjoy than just a bucket of cocktails. At the night market you can buy thigh food and satisfy your appetite at low cost. There are many cooking schools where you can learn how to cook the dishes of your choice. If you discover the spiritual side of Koh Fang, you will see many meditation and yoga centers,New Age communities retreats, workshops,and other methods for maintaining inner balance and peace.

11 Koh Samui


Kah Samui is the second largest island in Thailand and the largest island in the Gulf of Thailand. With its cool beaches, low crowds and Chilean nightlife, Koh Samui attracts everyone from families and honeymoons to backpackers and solo adventurers. From here you can see Mu Koh Ang Thong National Park. You can also see the beautiful beaches surrounding Chaong, Lamai and Mae Nam Koh Samui. Visit Old Fishing Village can be your tour extension. There are many places to shop, eat, drink and sleep. You can see a temple here with a mammal monk and nearby rock formations resembling male and female genitals!

It is a vast province in northeastern Thailand. Khao Ya National Park is one of the main attractions of Nakhon Ratchasima and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can enjoy plenty of wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels, picturesque scenery and cool camp spaces. From easy accessibility to Bangkok, it is one of the most scenic areas in Thailand sought by visitors for the photogenic scenery of Wang Nam Xiao and the fresh air. The temple is decorated with colorful and imaginative artefacts and the temple-like elephant sits on its own small human island.

Pattaya has gained a reputation for its infamous Walking Street and many go-go bars and has given itself the name City of Sin. But the more adult-centric area of the place has a variety of fun things to do without stepping foot, and that’s why all kinds of tourists come to this place. Its beautiful beaches attract tourists the most. Here you can enjoy sunbathing and snorkeling. The huge sanctuary of truth made of wood is an admirable sight to the visitors.

You can visit the Noch Noch Tropical Botanical Garden and see the well-arranged flower beds, statues and water features, and use locally made wines in the gorgeous Silverlake vineyard. Visit the major landmarks of Mini Siam in Thailand and enjoy the Art in Paradise, shop at Pattaya Floating Market, refresh your mind at Replay’s Believe It or Not, and visit a winery wonderland at Siam’s Frost Magical Ice.

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