Banglalink Free Net 2020

Banglalink Free Net 2020

How Banglalink Free Net Works:
When Banglalink Freenet arrives, Freenet runs using the megabytes allocated by some servers. In fact, many of you are aware that the free net is actually using a free proxy. We will also use Freenet in this way.
What will be the speed of this Free Net?
If you are a 3G subscriber, you will get 15% less speed than your purchased MB. In the same case, 4G subscribers can also use it, but you will not feel that you are using Frenet. You can also do all the work on the internet through this free net.
Banglalink FreeNet usage rules:
You can easily use this free net without having to make any settings. As in the case of other frenet, you have to do a lot of settings, you can use frenet only if you set something simple.

What do you need?

Banglalink Free Net 2020 1

1.Banglalink sim
2.Facebook Messenger
3.Free Net VPN
4.You can’t keep money in the SIM. You must have a date.
5.Some technique in general.

If you have a Banglalink SIM installed, you will give the data connection in the right way. Many times due to the problem in the data setting of your phone, Freenet does not work and even if you buy data, the internet does not work on your phone, so if your data connection is not correct, fix it. The problems are more the phones brought from abroad….

Banglalink sim

When you see the correct data signal on your phone, enter your messenger and try to send a message to one of your friends.
If the message is sent, then it is good and if not, there is no problem. If the message is sent, then your freenet will run, it is 100% sure. And even if the message does not work, you try your best because I have checked on some phones that the message is not sent to the messenger, but the free net is running again. So you can try. If not, then you can try another Banglalinki SIM. I hope you will.

Many of you are aware that Freenet runs mostly through VPN. A few days ago we used Free Net on Grameenphone with SkyVPN. And still many countries are running free net with SkyVPN.
A VPN app called Siphon VPN may be known to many people but many people have uninstalled it due to not knowing the correct usage.
If you can use it properly you can use Freenet as long as the free messenger is not turned off or the messenger server is not changed.

2020 free net

CLICK Download Android Siphon VPN

Install and set from your phone like the screen shot below.

First you open the app, you will get a page like this, then you click from here: TUNNEL WHOLE DEVICE

MObile apps



Will be connected

P will take you to your default browser as soon as it turns green. Then you can run everything by minimizing.


full done

Proof I have opened the video and watched the clear video but without any buffering.
You can use all the MB you get for Messenger in your SIM by using the internet and if it runs out in a month, you will try again later in the month so you can run it again so don’t think that it has stopped.
And for those who are not getting message sent in messenger, dial * 5000 * 111 # and then try.

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