top Best Beaches to Explore During your Virginia Trips
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top Best Beaches to Explore During your Virginia Trips

Here is a list of the top Best Beaches in Virginia

1. Sandbridge Beach


Just 15 minutes south of the bustle of Virginia Beach, the crowded resort area is Sundridge Bridge Beach, also known as Virginia’s Outer Banks a 5 mile wide golden sands across the Atlantic Ocean. This quiet, serene beach is surrounded by 5 miles of huge sand dunes and rich,rich sea oats, making it an ideal private oasis for family trips. If you’re looking for more than just sprinkling in calm, clear water or just walking along the beach, you can explore the swamps and wildlife sanctuaries involved as well as the vast Falls water as well as the Falls Cape State Park, both known for hiking, kayaking and Phishing.

2. Resort Area Beach


Virginia Beach is a picturesque small coastal town a few hours away from Washington DC, known as the longest recreational beach in the world. Virginia Beach’s favorite tourist destination is a mix of history, entertainment and beautiful nature. In addition to the Atlantic Ocean, all the places from Crotone to the north side of the city beach, the resort area, which is the most favorite and most powerful part of the city. In this place you can see all kinds of live music street entertainers, food vendors, open-air cafes and 3 mile long boardwalks that resemble beaches. It is a place for jogging and rollerblading, a cool drink, a bite to eat and a place for people to observe. The beach is a favorite among surfers, swimmers and sun-worshipers and lifeguards.

3. Ocean View Beach


Norfolk’s Ocean View has striking public cost-free-access beaches off the coast of Chesapeake Bay, ideal for smooth swimming, sunbathing and sports. Large commercial piers provide tackle rentals and bait stores and an outstanding location for crawling and fishing. In addition to the beach there is the Ocean View Park, lots of shady trees, a summer house, several picnic tables and a bathhouse. It is one of the three orderly and protected parks on the beach. The designated bay water is ideal for children, paddle boarding and kayaking, and even solid-packed sand is great with water for jogging or comfortable walking.

4. Colonial Beach


It is a delightful small resort town on the banks of the Potomac River, well known for its 2.5 mile long beachfront. The city grew as a resort destination for citizens from Washington D.C. in the early twentieth century and is the only city on the Atlantic Ocean as well as on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

It’s hard to believe that the beach is literally on the Potomac River, parallel to the Colon Mile wide Colon Beach is the famous Boardwalk, where most of the tourist life events take place. You can paddle, observe ospreys in their nests, fish from long cliffs, or observe boats passing through lots of riverfront eateries.

5. Virginia Beach

5. Virginia Beach


No beach in Virginia is as famous as Virginia Beach. Holiday makers love to enter the Atlantic Ocean. It is close to Chesapeake Betty, adding extra glamor to the area for activities outside of food sites and sandcastle construction. The variety of water and land experience on Virginia Beach is one of the reasons it is so popular among locals and locals. Sit on the beach as you observe a competitive competition. Enjoy live music or watch a game of sand volleyball. Learn how to snorkel, or rent a bike to enjoy a ride along the tracks at Back Bay National Refuge. Be sure to walk three miles

Boardwalk, you’ll hear the waves crashing along the coastline and browse the plenty of stores and eateries associated with the key drag. There are plenty of good quality hotels along the beachfront but if you are looking for a great place to stay during your trip, the Ocean Historic Cavalier Hotel is a part of the Marriott Five Star Autograph Collection, a sightseeing and high-end accommodation.

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6. Assateague Island National Seashore


Asatig Island is a fenced island off the coast of Delmarva. One-third of the 3-mile-long island is in Virginia and the rest is in Maryland. The Virginia part includes about 1 mile of Chinkoteg National Wildlife Refuge and Beach. The Maryland part includes most of the Aceteg Island National Beach and Aseteg State Park. The island is known for its wild horses, .Historically

Astig lighthouse and great beach. The island is a paradise for traveling with its wetlands, creeks and bays. There are bridges that connect the island to the mainland but there are no roads across the island in total. South of the Virginia border is the Chinkoteg National Wildlife Refuge, a haven for guest birds, especially snow geese.

7. Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve


Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve is located near the Chesapeake Bay in Matthews County, Virginia. This 105-acre piece of sand-laden wetland and low-salt wetlands change regularly as water and wind advance and reshape it and its thin beautiful sandy shores. It is waterlogged with tidal and bird watching zones, tidal flats, small bays and more deep passages with the whole area evolving with life, for example, the nearly extinct northeastern beach tiger beetle and thousands of birds. After the area became accessible to the public, some animals were sometimes stopped by their animal inhabitants, especially, during the nest to preserve birds.

8. Bacro Beach


Set along Chesapeake Bay, Bacro Beach is one of Hampton’s most famous beaches, with 8 acres and a mile of sand, a children’s playground, three picnic spots with grills and tables hiking and biking trails, and ample parking. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer. Every Sunday throughout the summer, there is the traditional Grovin ‘Bay Concert. Tuesday is reserved for open-air films, part of the family film series. The beach is great for swimming, and paddleboats and kayaks are available for rent. No dogs are allowed during the summer months.

9. Cape Charles Beach


This beach is one of the least known beaches in Virginia, which is why it is one of the best to explore. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Chesapeake. Public beaches have calm, shallow water, so for families and tourists who do not want to swim in the waves, this is just fine. Can. If you want to plan your own paddle trip in the Gulf waters, the shops also have kayaks for rent.

The beach is just 10 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which is easy to see. This is great for pets at different times of the year, so you may want to check before you visit. Near Kiptopek State Park, it has a public beach and a bathhouse. Cape Charles is a historic town with a small eaterie and boutique store. Accommodation opportunities are mostly small beds and breakfasts in Cape Charles, for example, Alyssa House Bed and Breakfast in a renovated century old residence.

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10. Chesapeake Beach


Known among locals as Chicks Beach, one of Virginia Beach’s favorite beaches. This stretch of sand between the Linhaven Inlet and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel stretches for about 2 miles, for the area expanded as a coastal town in the early 1900s and was used as an observation post during World War II. The area was known for chikis, it was a favorite spot ice cream and lime for sale.

It is an area of ​​single-family accommodation, condominium, beach cottages, doubles and apartments. Favorite Ocean Park stretches along the beach and is great for hiking and biking in the sandy desert. The Little Creek Naval Amoebias Base is located on the west side of the region, joining the long beaches that contain marine life. Favorite activities on the beach are boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, beach cruising and building sand castles.

11. Chincoteague


Chinkoteg National Wildlife Refuge Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast. The wind-blown sand-fenced island is very popular among beach enthusiasts, who can choose between wild beaches, Toms Cove Hook and recreation beaches. Swimming and sunbathing pull a huge crowd every summer and lifeguards are on duty to protect everyone. The recreational beach is also a favorite with Borders, Beechcrowers, Photographers, Anglers and nature enthusiasts. Crawling, clamming, kayaking and surfing are also famous. The 11 mile long paradise for Wild Beach hiking is the Thomas Cove Hook 10 mile walk along the sea to Fishing Point. Fragile mounds along the hook are considered reserve zones.

12. First Landing State Park

12. First Landing State Park

This coastal shelter offers a number of activities, for example, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, fishing and picnicking. There are overnight stays such as campsites or park cabins. First Landing State Park is a 2,888-acre park located in Cape Henry on North Virginia Beach. The beach is located in the Gulf of Chesapeake, a mile and a half long. There are no lifeguards on First Landing Beach and no swimming is allowed in the boating area or in Narrow. The beach is basically secluded and the water is warmer and calmer than the Atlantic Ocean, ideal for small children. Boardwalk beach has remarkable access points across the hills to save the life of fragile hill trees. The beach is usually clean and the sand is white and very beautiful.

13. Kiptopek State Park


Until 1964, the area was used by the Virginia Ferry Corporation as the last stop on the Little Creek-Cape Charles ferry. Kiptopek State Park is located on the east coast of Virginia. The park has access to the Chesapeake Bay, such as nesting along the flyover, providing plenty of entertainment for guest bird travel, biking and sightseeing. The park has a boat ramp, a fishing pier, some picnic spots, children’s playgrounds and more than 5 miles of biking and mountaineering tracks. For those who want to expand their accommodation, there are comfortable cabins, a campground, a six-bedroom cottage, a yard and a bunkhouse. It is a quiet and serene spot, ideal for those who want to be bound and relaxed in nature.

14. Westmoreland State Park


Horseshoe Cliffs is the best place for spectacular views of the river, which is 6 miles wide at this time. Westmoreland State Park is a 1,311-acre protected area on the North Neck Peninsula near Montrose in Westmoreland County, Virginia, stretching 1.5 miles along the Potomac River. The rich, unspoiled park offers seven hiking tracks across miles, great fishing with camp ramps for fishermen, camping, accommodation in 2 rural cabins and swimming by the river and in the park pool. Westmoreland State Park was established in 1936 and is one of six state parks built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Near the park is Stratford Hall, Robert E. Lee’s birthplace as well as George Washington’s birthplace.

15. Bell Isle Beach


One of Virginia’s best protected beaches is Gemstown Beach, near the historic Gemstown Settlement. There are marine parks with facilities like discounts, pier, picnic spot, restroom and shaded area. This is a family-friendly beach with lagoons and a great park when you need time out in the sun. If you are already visiting the historic Gemstown or Bush Gardens Williamsburg, Gemstown Beach is an add-on opportunity. This park does charge a small day-fee for the entry of tourists…

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